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A/C Installation

Every once in a while Air Masters of Tampa Bay receive's a testimonial letter from a customer that explains all the things we tell our customers we do when our technician's show up at there front door.As we try to inform home owners about the air conditioning business we present this letter.


I would like to extend my thanks and compliments for the work provided by Antonio Gaston and his assistant Eddie during the installation of the new A.C. unit at my home, June 22, 2012. They both arrived at my home as scheduled at exactly at 8:00 a.m. and politely and professionally introduced themselves.

They explained what they were going to do, where they needed to go in my home to get it done, and asked if I had any questions. They then began work immediately setting up their truck and equipment, and checking out what unit and equipment I had that they were going to remove.

"They presented an image of experience and confidence and quickly established a plan of action and moved efficiently to set up."

Throughout this process they laid down tarps and other sheets to protect my flooring and home, and were always respectful when they had to enter a new area or needed to use the bathroom.

Antonio set up the work to be done and kept both he and Eddie busy throughout their stay. I never saw them standing around or wasting time, and they seemed to move well together and independently. It was very hot and especially humid that day yet they moved quickly and carefully to dismantle the unit in the attic, and to quickly set up their work area up there before it became too hot. Very Smart!!

They graciously and respectfully accepted offers of cold water or Gatorade, yet did not take advantage of the situation. They were always very respectful of my home and property. They answered my questions willingly and respectfully and with easy explanations so that I understood what or why they were doing things. They didn’t like to make small talk yet were patient and easy to talk with if I had a question or interrupted. They were conscious of keeping the area clean, both around the attic entrance, in my garage, in my yard around the condenser, and in the driveway around their truck. 

They were also mindful of safety and hazards as they worked with heavy equipment, sharps, electrical panels, chemicals, and tight work spaces in the attic. Once they completed their work Antonio reviewed with me some of the operating tips and instructions, explained the paperwork, and was very thorough in ensuring I was comfortable with the new unit. 

They completely cleaned the area before they left, and left behind virtually no trash, damage, or any other signs of their work other than a nice new A.C. unit!

This experience was a pleasant continuation of the experience I had with Matthew Larson, the sales consultant that initially met with me and proposed the job. Matt also called the day before the install to ensure we were ready, and also visited the site Friday morning to ensure everything was going well and as promised. All of these actions and little attentions to detail added up to a very positive experience with Air Masters. I will use this experience as the benchmark to which to compare future contractors that work on my home.You have set a high standard!! 

I have already been asked by 3 neighbors about the work that was done by Antonio and Air Masters and have given both very positive compliments along with Matt Larson’s contact information. I will happily pass along my compliments and positive experience to others whenever possible thanks to Matt’s, Antonio’s, and Eddie’s work! Thank you for a positive experience!! 

Kevin J. Copestick
Tampa, FL 33624

I hope this helps you as it sure made our day!!!!!!!

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