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Everclean Green "FILTER-LESS"
Filtration Systems

Amazing Energy Savings!

A filter installed in a new system can reduce air flow as much as 10%-15%. This number can rise dramatically - to as high as 40%! - for a filter loaded with dust and other debris. Dirty or improperly installed air ducts, registers and coils can also drastically increase air flow restriction. New Filter-Less Filtration New technology eliminates the need for a filter for energy savings of 10%-25%, with much cleaner air. This technology works on any existing system -- either new or old.

  • Healthy Indoor Air: Destroys up to 98% of germs, toxins and house dust.
  • Energy Efficiency: With no Traditional Filter and a clean coil, energy costs can be reduced by as much as 30%.
  • Convenience: No need to change or clean filter or coil.
  • Comfort: Increases air flow.
  • Longevity: Prevents wear & tear of equipment.

Everclean Green Questions and Answers

How does the Everclean Green system function?

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The process uses invisible energy fields called “broadband” electromagnetic energy. This “broad” band of different wavelengths is not only destructive to microorganisms, toxins and house dust, but, in the presence of a catalyst, will also convert airborne moisture into powerful hydroxide for destroying contaminates.

By replacing the filter with Everclean Green, what happens to dust and/or debris in HVAC?

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Organic debris in the HVAC system can be converted to a benign gas & moisture when exposed to powerful wavelengths and hydroxide. By eliminating the filter and installing this technology, debris (germs, house dust, toxins, etc.) “evaporates” into a gas.

Can the Everclean Green Force-Field be seen?

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No. The workings of the process are invisible, much like a microwave, radio waves, etc. As such, airflow barriers are eliminated and the air and coil are scrubbed clean.

Is the Everclean Green system just an ultraviolet (UV) light?

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No. There are two processes. First, there are multiple wavelengths, which do include what is in part, narrow band UV. But the total output is much broader – multiple wavelengths that destroy different contaminates, while at the same time, reacts with airborne water to form hydroxide.

Shouldn’t there to be a filter in the HVAC to prevent airborne particles and harm to system parts?

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The filter has never prevented debris from collecting on sensitive HVAC parts. Further, filters add to the debris through bionesting. In addition, the system fan sucks filter debris growing and collecting on the filter out into the breathable space.

Does growth of debris on the filter and A/C coil produce a large amount of the total indoor pollution?

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True. The filter & A/C coil are considered to be the biggest source of indoor contaminates due to the bionesting of germs, toxins and allergens – which are then circulated into the livable space by the fan.

Does the presence of the filter affect the efficiency of the HVAC system?

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Yes. Both the filter and dirty A/C coil are the main reasons the airflow in HVAC systems are restricted to dangerously low levels – a primary cause of why most HVAC systems operate 35% below efficiency ratings.

Is there any advantage to using a filter in an HVAC system?

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Not much. The best filters only collect, in part, debris down to .03 microns, which means airborne viruses, bacteria, toxins & very small particles are not captured or destroyed. Further, the filter promotes growth of dangerous microbes and toxins.

Does the debris growth & collection on the A/C coil affect energy efficiency of the HVAC?

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Yes. When the A/C coil becomes loaded with debris, energy efficiency drops. It is estimated that a debris buildup of .042 inches (thickness of sandwich wrap) on the coil can result in an efficiency decrease of 21 percent.

In addition to eliminating the HVAC filter, can the Everclean Green help to keep the A/C coil clean?

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Yes. One of the objectives of this technology is to convert any new or existing system to “self-cleaning.”

Can the Everclean Green Force Field be used in both existing, as well as newly installed HVAC units?

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Yes. The key for system efficiency is to get 400 CFM per ton of airflow. By keeping the coil clean & eliminating restrictive filters, the HVAC gets a big jump in energy efficiency on a continuous basis.

Is there a relationship between a dirty, contaminated HVAC system and efficiency?

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Yes. A dirty system is never efficient.

What is meant by “greening the home”?

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Pollution and energy use are tied together in defining “Green.” Since the HVAC is the largest home energy waster and biggest factor in growth of contamination, true ‘home greening’ can take place by installing an Everclean Green in a HVAC system.

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Customer Feedback
On behalf of Pass-a-Grille Beach Community Church, I would like to offer a letter of commendation to Air Masters of Tampa Bay and particularly those individuals who were directly involved in the replacement of a large portion of our air conditioning system. We discovered Air Masters using an Internet search for commercial air conditioning firms and after meeting with David Horton it became clear that Air Masters was well qualified for the job and offered to do the work at a very reasonable cost.
Michael McDermott, Chair, Board of Trustees PAGBCC
I would like to take this opportunity to commend Air Masters who has been servicing our Cafeteria Refrigeration Equipment at our MetLife Facility in New Tampa. I am very pleased with the performance of your staff, they constantly present themselves with professionalism and a wide range of technical abilities. Their service is timely and they perform the job correctly, the first time!
Simon Ozer - RPA, Cushman and Wakefield of Florida, Inc.
I would like to take this opportunity to commend Air Masters of Tampa Bay, Inc. who has been servicing South Bay Hospital. I'm very pleased with your staff's performance, they consistently present themselves with professionalism and technical expertise. I'm especially pleased with the planning and coordination your service department and you [David Horton] have set forth. Air Masters has proven to be a viable service in maintaining and providing optimal conditions to our customers...
Loren Labrador - LHRM, Director of Plant Operations, South Bay Hospital
I wanted to let you know that Blake Medical Center has been very satisfied with Air Masters service and their positive attitude over the past year. I would like to address two individuals whom I have worked with and that I recommend very highly. I have had many issues over this past year at Blake, and David Horton has always been able to respond and take care of our problems. He is very professional at all times and I am confident of his abilities and will continue to work with him...
Robert Roehl-Assistant Director, Blake Medical Center
I am pleased to recommend David Horton of Air Masters of Tampa Bay, Inc. Bardmoor Outpatient Center currently has Air Masters under contract services and non-contract repairs. David Horton's dedication to our satisfaction is exceptional, from initial request of service or repair, to follow up and completion. I can rely on receiving knowledgeable timely service and professionalism. I look forward to working with Air Masters and specifically David Horton in the future.
James V. - Bardmoor Mechanical Contractor, Baycare Properties
During the week of February 14th, Good Shepherd Hospice had an air conditioning unit installed in our second floor storage and training room area. Both Jason and Matt H. were extremely professional and conscientious. They worked around a training class that was going on in the training room with little or no interruptions to them. After they had done all of the necessary work, they cleaned both rooms. Looking at the rooms, you could not tell that there was any work done in those rooms!
Linda K. - Admin. Asst.to Exec. Dir., Good Shepherd Hospice
Dear Mr. Gonsalves (VP of Air Masters of Tampa), Redeemer Lutheran Church would like to take an opportunity to offer a letter of commendation of the excellent work by Air Masters at our church, especially Jason Reigottie, Terrence Benjamin and Doug Atchey for their oustanding work at our church. We found Air Masters on your informative website and were pleased to have David Horton come to the office. His professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in understanding...
Rev. Dr. Peter Stiller - Pastor, Redeemer Lutheran Church
I would like to take an opportunity to offer formal recommendation for David Horton and Air Masters of Tampa Bay. As the Director for Operational Support for Hyde Park United Methodist, I felt the need to write this note of gratitude. I want to take a moment to commend David Horton and Air Masters on the quality of workmanship, service, and the very knowledgeable and personable employees. I sincerely appreciate the posture of being most concerned with the customer...
Richard J. Howard-Allen, Hyde Park United Methodist
To whom it may concern, Chapters Health System, (formerly HPC Healthcare) with 21 buildings in four counties in Florida uses Air Masters of Tampa Bay almost exclusively for the preventative maintenance and repairs of critical HVAC components and package systems. Healthcare today is a business that requires a tight budget and the ability to stay within financial expectations in order to retain resources for the quality care of patients...
Bill Carlson - CHA, Chapters Health System (formerly HPC Healthcare)
I would like to express my gratitude for the exceptional service I have received from your company and your technicians this past year. Brandon Page and David Lindsey have performed for us at a very high level on every occasion at all of our locations. They have been professional, reliable and very knowledgeable and have always completed their work for us in a timely manner.
Lawrence (Larry) Hollis - Facilities Manager, GTE Federal Credit Union
Over the last 6 months it has been a privilege to work with the employees of Air Masters of Tampa Bay. Air Masters was given the task of cleaning air handler coils and treating my units with antimicrobial products. They will also be assigned to replace two additional coils this year. From the beginning, Mr. David Horton was very professional and contacted us weekly to check on progress and troubleshoot any problems.
Rick J. McKnight, Chief Engineer - Flagler Commercial Real Estate
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& AC Repair
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